Diffuser drive

Segmented girth gear for lime kiln

Lime kiln gear box

Chipper drive

Mechanical Drives

Moventas Santasalo is a the original equipment manufacturer for the following gearbox brands:

Metso Drives
Wartsila and ASEA

Moventas Santasalo is combines the technology and modern workshop facilities of Santasalo and Metso Drives in Finland, Germany and China.

Pulp Industry

Moventas Santasalo is the leading supplier in pulp mill gear boxes in the world, having proven solutions for every application in the pulp mills. Moventas Santasalo  designs, manufactures and markets the original Santasalo drives under the Santasalo trademark.

Moventas Santasalo is a pioneer and market leader in segmented girth gears for lime kilns and debarking drums. Moventas Santasalo has the know-how and experience to make complete upgrades for the drive systems of rotating drums.


Moventas Santasalo is a proven partner of world's leading machine suppliers and world's biggest pulp mills.  Therefore, it is committed to give full service around the world without delay. Nordic Ventures is representing Moventas through our office network in China, Indonesia and Thailand. We help to improve machine runnability by means of preventive maintenance concepts and the fast availability of spare parts.