For Recovery and Power Boilers

High pressure Turbo Blowers are widely used in boilers as 

• fluidizing air blowers
• primary air fans
• pressurized fans in PFBC power plants
• mill seal fans  

For Evaporators

Fläkt Woods is the world leader in MVR Turbo Fans used for evaporators.
MVR Turbo Fans (Mechanical Vapour Recompression) are mainly used in food, pulp & paper, metallurgical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The deliveries include blower, motor and frequency converter.  

For Biological Waste Water Treatment

The ComVel-G high-pressure fan construction is based on utilisation of carbon fibre composite impellers. The strength and lightness of carbon fibre composite make it an ideal material for impellers. 

ComVel-G high pressure composite fans are ideal for biological waste water treatment (aeration), flotation, pressurised air production for boilers etc.
ComVel-G high-pressure fan has a high efficiency combined with a wide airflow regulation area, which makes it an ideal product for biological waste water applications. ComVel-g has a robust and compact design, which reduces building and assembly costs