Biomass chippers and crushers

A Pioneer in Bioenergy products

Saalasti is a recognized expert in the manufacture of innovative heavy-duty bioenergy machinery. Saalasti machines are used all over the world, mostly in big power plants and wood rooms. Main products are different types of stationary forest-based biomass chippers, crushers, cutters and bark dewatering presses. In addition Saalasti delivers entire biomass processing stations.


Horizontal feed chipper

– Chipper with optional crusher abilities

Saalasti Chipper H (Horizontal feed) is suitable for power plants, biomass terminals and other high-volume applications where correct particle size and reliable operation are a necessity. To match its chipper and crusher abilities, the machine is equipped with a Multitool™ rotor with different chipper blades or cutter bars for different types of biomass. This is an important asset in the long run, as plants do not usually process the same materials throughout their operating life.

Typical raw materials are logs, wood from thinning, loose or bundled slash, tree tops and stumps, and wood waste. Moreover, the particle size can be changed at any time from P100 down to P32, to meet the customer’s changing needs. More capacity can be provided by increasing the motor power.



Horizontal feed crusher

– Stump and loose forest residual crusher

Stumps and loose forest residues are irregular in shape and form high piles on the feeder, with a lot of empty space inside, and cannot be effectively fed into a regular crusher. Saalasti Crush H is designed for effective crushing of stumps and other forest residues.

The entire piece of equipment can be made up to 2.4 m wide to allow two trucks to feed in large quantities of stump material and loose forest residues simultaneously. Saalasti Crush is truly a high-capacity crusher for processing stumps, while being versatile to be used to process any other wood based biomass.


Vertical feed crusher

– The all-purpose crusher

Saalasti Crush V is a real universal crusher, which has become an industry standard in many countries. It is used at paper and pulp mill wood rooms, sawmills and power plants. Saalasti Crush V combines reliability, compact size, all safety features and great performance. The particle size can be chosen from the wide range of P100–P32, and even the smallest models can process material flows containing occasional large logs. Like all Saalasti’s machines, also Saalasti Crush V machines are delivered as fully assembled units for fast on-site installations.


Bark press S/M/L

– The reliable bark press with service life of over 20 years

Saalasti Press bark press dewaters bark and other wet wood waste to energy efficient hog fuel. From six models of Saalasti Presses, a suitable press can be selected to dewater a wide range of different kinds of hog fuels – from fully saturated softwood barks to leathery, moisture retaining barks like Eucalyptus.

Saalasti machines are built tough for a long operating life. The oldest Saalasti Press models have been in operation over twenty years and they retain their reliable operational value. For instance, in 2007, one repeat customer relocated their old Saalasti Press into a brand new woodroom.

Hog fuel quality can be enhanced when processed first by Saalasti Crushers to a uniform, bulky mix.