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Automatic Grease Lubrication

Assalub AB, from Sweden has manufactured lubrication equipment for paper, steel and other process industry industry since 1928. Assalub is a leader in barrel grease pumps and centralised grease lubrication systems.

Assalub Dual Line Grease Lubrication

Machines with many lubrication points are equipped with dual line grease systems. They are used in paper machines, pulp, steal and saw mills, etc. Assalub's dual-line is designed for rough working conditions and all dosing units and system components are available in acid-resistant steel (AISI 316). Automatic lubrication removes human errors and reduces unplanned downtime.
Assalub Dual Line Pump

- Air-operated piston pump with ratio 1:65
- Empties the barrel to 98-99%
- Built-in return grease pipe
- Visual level indication and low level switch


Luberight is a computer aided manual lubricatror. The lubrication interval and amount for each point is stored to computer. Each lube point is equipped with a responder which has a unique ID number. When the lubricator is connected to the grease nipple, the operator can read from the small display the needed amount of grease of that greasing point. After the lubrication shift he will connect the lubricator cable to PC and the lubrication information is stored in the computer. The system clearly warns if any lubrication point has been missed.