Wet End Chemical Mixing

The TrumpJet injection technology enables immediate and very efficient chemicals mixing to headbox. The result is more homogenous sheet, better quality of paper and improved machine runnability. The system will improve interaction of the chemical with the main process; e.g. retention. It can also reduce chemical consumption.

In the patented Trumpjet Flash Mixing System, the fresh water is completely eliminated from the chemical mixing process and thus huge water savings are achieved by our customers. Instead of water, we mix the chemicals with headbox feed stock or white water.

Apart from hundreds of references in retention aid additives mixing and feeding systems, Wetend has recently got commercial success in starch and filler mixing.

Trumpjet mixing is a success story with more than 300 mixing stations in operation all over the world, and many of them in Asia. NVG is exclusive agent for Wetend Technology in Indonesia and Thailand.