Radial Stretch Film Wrapping:


 Axial Stretch Film Wrapping:


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Roll Wrapping Machines

 Raumaster Paper offers cost efficient roll wrapping machines ranging from 30 to 180 r/h. The Master and Modulwrap product lines utilize plastic film, kraft or combination of both to provide optimum protection for your reels. Additional bonus is the good looking appearance of the package. 

 Kraft Wrapping Machines 

 Raumaster Modulwrap machines can be equipped with automated header and label application using standard industrial robots or special manipulators. Due to modular design, Modulwrap lines can be easily tailored to fit your specific needs. Each wrapping system can be also automated to the required level - from basic manual machines to fully automated wrapping lines including graphical user interfaces with comprehensive diagnostics and process monitoring systems. With Spiralmaster  all reels are wrapped with only one kraft wrapper width

All wraplines are assembled and tested in Raumaster Paper workshops to ensure high quality and quick installation and start up. Raumaster Paper can also provide you with a comprehensive range of roll handling systems and integrate a complete roll finishing solution. 

Raumaster Paper manufactures advanced radial stretch film wrapping machines for rolls.  Stretchmaster TM has many advantages:

  • film change only once in 24 hours by using big stretch rolls
  • easy to modify to kraft wrapping
  • easy to modify into combi wrapping (kraft and stretch)
  • strong frame
  • Two-stage prestretching gives tolerance to film quality

 Axial Stretch Film Wrapping

Raumaster Paper manufactures fully automatic Swingmaster TM axial stretch film wrapping machines for all types of stretch film.