Teflon Roll Covers

The Founder of Fluoron,Inc. Mr. Frank Chapman is a pioneer in fluoropolymer technologies and its applications for the Pulp and Paper, Aerospace, and Chemical Industries. Today, Fluoron inc. are arguably the leading in roll cleaning and release experts in the paper industry. Fluoron has many product applications for different conditions and positions in the paper machine. We will install all of them on-site.
Fluoron Inc. offers FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) roll cover products made from Teflon® fluoropolymer to handle serious complications of sticking, buildup, corrosion, pits and grooves. HST (Heat Shrinkable Tube) roll covers are available in any diameter and custom fabricated to your roll size and application (seamless or seamed), type N/A (No Adhesive) or type A (etched interior with adhesive for bonding). 

 The On Machine Seaming (OMS) with dryer covers made with Teflon® FEP provide the best release on the first two dryers after the size press and coaters. Dryer covers also reduce the unwanted draw between dryers. Dryer covers are made from .020" Teflon® FEP and seamed on the dryer in the machine.

Fluoro-Stat 102 is designed for dry area applications that create static charge; for example spreader rolls. Each sleeve is custom made to exact roll dimensions and their size is perfect for fast shrinking. FS 102 life time is 4 to 10 times longer than with unreinforced roll covers made with Teflon® FEP.

Roll covers made with Teflon® have been used by the paper industry for 35 years. But Fluoro-Wear 102 is the first roll cover product of carbon reinforced Teflon®. Fluoro-Wear roll cover is lasting more than 10 times as long as the unreinforced roll covers. The reinforced Teflon® has greater strength at higher temperatures. Fluoron's suggested service limit is 200°F. Fluoro-Wear roll covers are excellent on felt carrying rolls having build-up problems. Other roll cover applications are high wear bowed rolls, lead in/lead out rolls, dryer and polyethylene extrusion lamination back up rolls.