Quattroll slitter rewinders


Quattroll QDW/T two drum winders

Quattroll QDW/S shaftless rewinders

Quattroll turret winders QDR

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Winders and Reelers

Raumaster Paper has merged Quattroll winder and reeler teccnology to its operations. Quattroll worked as an independent company since 1990. Quattroll is a market leader in fully automatic, high speed medium size winders and it has a number of references in China and South East Asia.

Quattroll winders are considered as reliable and high quality products which combine the best Finnish engineering and high quality components.

The product range covers

  • Two drum winders which can be soft or hard surfaced depending on the paper quality.
  • Shaftless rewinders with core chucks for different core sizes
  • Center winders for sensitive paper grades
  • Narrow slitting winders for narrow slit production
  • Fully automatic Turret Rewinders with splices made at high production speed with no need to slow down production
  • Laminating machines
  • Rebuilds of other manufacturers’ winders