Procemex WIS

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Procemex stroboscopic LED

Procemex TWIN monitors

 Procemex WMS

Procemex Matchbox software
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Procemex Piccolo FLEX


Web Monitoring (WMS) and Inspection (WIS)

Procemex Oy has climbed to the first position among international machine vision system providers for paper and printing industry, thanks to their succesfull product development. The main product today is integrated Web Monitoring (WMS) and Web Inspection (WIS) system called PROCEMEX TWIN. Both systems can also be supplied separately. In addition, Procemex offers highly effective portable, multi-camera digital video recording and troubleshooting system, Piccolo.

The new key elements in Procemex Twin systems are the high speed, programmable matrix cameras, Procemex Flex, and camera controlled, stroboscopic LED flashlight. Procemex is also the pioneer in the integration of WMS and WIS systems and developing printing house imaging systems. These major technical advantages have during the last two years secured major orders to Procemex in fast paper machines around the world and in Europe’s biggest printing houses.