Sitek fiedlbus junction box

Sitek multipurpose manifold

Sitek double filter


Pneumatic air distribution systems

Sitek Junction Box Concept for pressurized air 

The new Sitek Junction Box Fieldbus solution is based on reliable and proven components;

  • Remote I/O modules
  • Solenoid valves based on customer preference
  • SMT (Multifunction) and SJT (Air Supply) Manifolds

Benefits of new fieldbus solution:

  • No terminal strips / system cables needed
  • Easy and fast start-up – all wiring and functionality of components tested via Profibus DP before delivery

Sitek Junction box concept is designed jointly with our customers. Our reference projects include e.g:  

  • APRIL, Indonesia
  • UPM China
  • Rizhao pulp mill, China
  • Jilin Shixian, China
  • Yueyang, China 

The Sitek Multipurpose Manifold   

SITEK Multifunction Manifold(SMT) enables on-line maintenance and replacement of the devices mounted on it because the manifold is provided with individual shut-off valves. Due to individual shut-off valves the actuators fed by the manifold can be serviced on-line. The manifold is suitable for most manifacturers' solenoid valves. 

The Sitek double filter  

The Sitek double filter is used locally at the inlet of each junction box to secure the air quality. This is particularly relevant after start up or other repairs when metal dust, dirt or moisture may appear in the pipeline. The double filter will compensate the harmful effects of the cleaning cycle of the central air filters of the mill. The filter element cleaning does not stop the air flow in the process.