Oil Flow meters

Flow Control is a Finnish company. Our core business is to manufacture an oil circulation lubrication meters and seal supply systems for pulp & paper and chemical industry.

Flow Control operations were started in Muurame 1995. There is our production still situated. Location is in the Centre of Finland from where we can cover efficiently Finland and have great connections abroad. The Centre of Finland is one of the most important paper industry areas in Finland.

RealFlow™ - Oval gear (a positive displacement) oil circulation lubrication meter:

The RealFlow oval gear meter accurately measures liquid flow by using a slight pressure differential to rotate a pair of oval gears. RealFlow operates by repeatedly filling and emptying measuring chambers of a known volume with lubricating oil. The real flow rate is then calculated based on the number of times these measuring chambers are filled and emptied. Measurement signal is an inductive pulse which is wired to a RealFlow PLC system. These pulses can be also seen as light pulses locally.

FO-OilFlow™ - variable area oil circulation lubrication meter:

The modules of the circular oil flow meters are built modularly on a bottom plate. Thanks to this construction, the modules can easily be replaced by new ones or removed and replaced with a cover module, if needed. The modules are available in three different sizes, the flow values ranging from 0.1 to 16 l/min (0.2-34 PPM).

 Multi FlowUnit™ - Seal Supply System:  

The Multi FlowUnit seal water control unit has two different functions in the same body: Zero-flow (Non-flow) for dual acting seals and a regular flush and pressure control. Multi FlowUnit detects leakages in dual-acting seals even under 0.1 litres into or out of the product.

FLC200 (EagleBurgmann ®) and FlowUnit™ Seal Supply System