Screen Baskets


Andao Screening Equipment Mfg Co is the leading and most experienced exporter of screen baskets in China. ADSF has Advanced Technology and nearly 30 years experience in manufacturing screen plate. They are now manufactured in the company’s modern manufacturing plant near Beijing. The plant has powerful productivity:
• Wedge Wire Screen Baskets: more than 2000 sets/year
• Drilled Hole Screen Baskets: more than 3000 m2/year
• Other Drilled Hole and Slotted Plates: more than 2000 m2 /year

Examples of manufacturing capability:
• Dia 2500 mm x H 3200 mm (e.g. top cylinder for continuous digester)
• Min slot size 0.1 mm
• Min hole size 0.15 mm

Together with NVG, Andao entered the Indonesian market in 2009 and has today a strong market position.