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Lubrication systems from NVG

NVG has long history of supplying leading lubrication components and systems to pulp and paper industry. Our systems feature Assalub grease lubrication components from Sweden and Flow Control oil flow meters from Finland. Our new Lubrication Specialist, Mr Hannu Härkönen will assist you to design the optimal system for your needs. Hannu has 35 years previous experience in lubrication technology with Safematic and SKF.



 Raumaster awarded bark storage system in SEA

Raumaster has signed agreements to supply complete bark storage equipment incl fines and pin chips storage from major pulp project in South East Asia. The storages are utilizing Raumaster’s renown cantilever type screw reclaimer technology





Hailu completed large BFB boilers in Ningbo

Suzhou Hailu Heavy Industry has collaborated with Finnish boiler engineering company Rantotek to successfully deliver two 156 tph BFB boilers to a paper mill in Ningbo. The boilers are utilizing effluent sludge and low calorific coal as fuel in order to protect environment and reach low operation costs. BFB boiler is a superior solution to CFB boilers in biomass combustion due to its lower operation costs. The Ningbo boilers are first of its kind in China.

NVG represents leading component and equipment suppliers and provides profitable automation, measurement and process solutions to Asian pulp and paper industry.

Our know-how is based on Nordic paper making experience emphasizing high availability and paper quality. Solutions which increase the competitiveness and profitability of our customers.

Since 1991, we have served pulp and paper industry in Indonesia, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore with our qualified local staff and high tech products.